Heated Pizza bags

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Home Delivery Bags Heated delivery bag T4P.   Europe developed it’s own thermal food delivery bags, ideal for restaurants that provide takeaway and delivery services.

As our thermal, take away delivery bags include ISO Thermo technology, which allows you to maintain temperatures of 65oc.

If you forget to charge the thermal bag before delivery, no problem; as each bag includes it’s own heated pad and car adapter, allowing it to be charged in the car, on the move.

Therefore, rest assured that you’ll be able to keep food piping hot from the oven in your restaurant, to the table in your customers home.

Quality, thermal food delivery systems designed to keep food piping hot from your restaurants oven to your customers door.

A compatible adapter (cable) is included, allowing you to charge from within your car.

Temperatures are also easily maintained at 65oc, on the move, with the use of ISO Thermo technology.